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We pay homage to Dante Alighieri - The best poet of all time!

Italians say that there are two Italies. We say there are two worlds. But we all agree that we are talking about one before Dante and another one after Dante. He put his life on the line by demanding the separation of Church from State. He changed western society forever, which is the type we enjoy today in the free world.

This year we commemorate the 700th Anniversary of the writing of Inferno, the first cantica of Dante's masterpiece - The Divine Comedy. This year we also celebrate the pardoning of Dante's exile from Florence, a ceremony to take place later this year in Florence, Italy.

This website is the simplest of them all, however, it was designed to give you a list of links to help you understand what we are putting together to pay homage to the Sommo Poeta Dante Alighieri.

Dante Alighieri has influenced and inspired as well as changed many lives through his Divine Comedy and his stance in politics for seven centuries. Among the many he has influenced in the last seven centuries are Giovanni Boccaccio, Sandro Botticelli, Dante Rossetti, William Blake, Gustave Dore, John Milton (Paradise Lost), Salvador Dali, William Shakespeare - "I would not have been able to write what I wrote without first reading The Divine Comedy" and many others, including us, and you.

The image of Inferno here is a small example of Dante's influence on us. So we decided to make it available to you for free as a downloadable wallpaper for your computer. Just click on it and on the second page, that will pop-up, right click to select it as "wallpaper" or "background".


The Celebration of Dante's Inferno 700th Anniversary: 1311 - 2011. We will put together a special event to celebrate the 700th anniversary of Inferno. It'll be an event to remember for the next 100 years, when it will be time to commemorate another century of Inferno, and the torch will be passed on.


The Inferno Comic series - Dante Comics, LLC is producing a series of magazines to be distributed for free as inserts of several major magazines around the world, and in every possible language. The first issue will be available later this year, as part of the 700th anniversary of Inferno. The text will be dramatically simplified to allow kids to understand the story in the easiest possible manner. The intention is to reach out to young kids worldwide so they can grow up with a rich view of the world and life itself. This project has been in the works since early 2007 with emphasis in both artistic visuals and story telling by concept artist Dino Di Durante with the help of Awik Balaian and Dantologist Riccardo Pratesi.


The Inferno Documentary - Dante's Inferno Documentary, LLC is producing a chronological and comprehensive description of Dante's journey to the center of the Earth, narrated by several scholars and professionals from the entertainment industry. This is a feature documentary of approximately 90 minutes long. The intention of this documentary is to offer a worldwide audience an easy way to understand the complex work of Dante's masterpiece and to encourage them to read The Divine Comedy. In addition, this documentary can also serve as a learning tool for young generations from around the world that must study The Divine Comedy in schools and universities.


The Inferno Animation - Dante's Inferno Animation, LLC is producing a 2D animation short between 30 and 40 minutes long. This is the first step the company is taking towards producing a 3D animation feature of 90 minutes in length to be produced later this year. The intention of the 2D animation short is to test the market for a possible 3D animation feature that will create teenagers enthusiasm and interest to read the book later in their adult life.


The 3D Live Action Feature Trilogy - Master Films Productions, LLC has taken the enormous task of gathering the best film professionals of the industry to produce the most amazing 3D trilogy ever put together. The professionals that have signed for this project are from the most successful and artistic films in the industry, such as Lord of the Rings, The Merchant of Venice, The Passion of the Christ, Cassanova, King Kong, Jurassic Parck, etc, etc. Among them, there are 2 Oscar winners, Editor Thom Noble (Witness) and Production Designer Dan Hennah (Lord of the Ring: Return of the King). Finally, but not least, a special director - Armand Mastroianni, not just because of his Italian roots (cousin of Marcello Mastroianni) but also because his skills are combined with his knowledge and passion for The Divine Comedy. Please visit the official website below for more information, including radio interviews.


The Audio Books - Dante's Inferno Audiobooks, LLC is producing the reading of the Dante's Inferno with original background music that follows the story step by step. The audiobooks will first be available in English and Italian, later to be followed in 12 more languages. The English and Italian versions will be available in both CDs and DVDs as well as MP3 downloads later this year.

There is more in the plans, however, the information will be posted here when we are ready for you. In the meantime enjoy the journey.